Three Great Sources you Look for Getting Resveratrol

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Three Great Sources you Look for Getting Resveratrol

resveratrol powder

Intake of anything must be in moderation. The advice is commonly given by professionals, especially in the light of a survey conducted regularly. According to a study conducted by a physiology journal, suggests that consumption of too many antioxidants like resveratrol may block the benefits you receive from the workout. Cholesterol and blood pressure are reduced if the intake of resveratrol offered by resveratrol powder manufacturer, is moderate.

The study was performed in resveratrol extracted from red wine. The sample was performed on men having an age of about 65. So, it is unclear whether the result would be the same for the women of similar age group. The men were not of the regular drinker. However, they were the customary user of resveratrol supplements of 250 mg every single day.

To put the above data into context, the resveratrol quantity found in a single glass of wine can be in between 0.2 mg to 2 mg, as per the study conducting Institute. While the amount of 25 mg might look excessive, it is not common for supplements containing resveratrol to indulge as much as 900 mg of Resveratrol.

So, what the above number tells? Everything is fine in half-pie or in moderation.

In reality, there is a room for more research for determination of whether there could be negative impacts of the excessive consumption of any single antioxidant. However, until more study, it is advocated to go in the natural route. If you wish to consume more resveratrol, then take it with your diet. In this way, you will take more than one nutritional component in isolation. Also, you will receive fiber which will describe when it’s the time for you to stop eating.

Good Resveratrol Sources

Below are three foods that re believed as good sources of resveratrol:

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a wonderful source to dress up celery and apples. However, it also has a few contents of resveratrol (up to 0.13 each cup). The captioned butter is also an excellent source of manganese and niacin.

resveratrol powder

Red Grapes

Grapes do not need fermentation to contain the antioxidant. Resveratrol is actually found in the skin of grapes alongside other nutrients. The nutrients include potassium, minerals manganese and vitamins B1, C and K.


As compared to grapes, blueberries do not have much resveratrol content. However, they are a rich source for other dietary fiber, antioxidants, manganese and vitamin K and C.


A reliable Resveratrol manufacturer can be contacted for more insights.

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